An ode to my favourite things about creating: colour, pattern, paint and mixed media.

The ‘Moving Day’ Process – Home at Last

“If you want answers, look at who nurtures the olive trees. And look at who destroys them.” – Nikita Gill

Quotes gathered from the bi+ community and illustrated by me . “My mom was driving me to buy art supplies and for some reason the topic of bisexuality came up. She proceeded to go on a tirade about how bisexuals are ‘confused,’ ‘selfish,’ ‘perverse,’ ‘needed to pick a side,’ – basically all of the negative, biphobic stereotypes you can think of. I just sat there quietly shaking and thinking: if she knew a bisexual was right beside her, what would she do? Would she change her tune just because I was her daughter?”

Quotes gathered from the bi+ community and illustrated by me. “A positive memory around being queer was finding friends in university who were also queer and so open about their queerness.  They didn’t try to hide themselves or conform.”

A student planner cover that can reach a wide range of students.

A mock up book cover for the short story ‘9 Last Days on Planet Earth’ by Daryl Gregory

The aftermath of a girl who can’t find the Jell-O packet she so badly wanted to make. Did she imagine it? Where could it have gone?

The ‘Moving Day’ Process – Beep Beep!

The ‘Moving Day’ Process – Elevator Up

Some people want to hold onto the sun while others can’t wait for their fall traditions. Perfect weather for carving sand pumpkins!

A cover for a newspaper insert about all the books the audience should read this summer. 

Quotes gathered by the bi+ community and illustrated by me. “I was too gay for the straight kids and too straight for the gay kids.”

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but what could they possibly mean? My love for you is overflowing, I no longer need the space in between.”

A spot illustration for a story where a women reminisces on how she ended up with her husband.

A mock illustration for an online article named ‘How a humble bus stop can anchor a whole neighborhood’ by Nidhi Gulati

A piece for This Magazine. “Travel is nearly impossible for Canadians who take methadone” by Mikaela Toone.

The cover page for an article about potted plants and how people don’t always have to use pots.

Quotes gathered from the bi+ community and illustrated by me. “He said, ‘Bisexual people don’t exist’ and I was sitting right there. I realized if I stood up for myself I couldn’t guarantee my safety, but if I didn’t I was letting down my community.”

A mock up theatre poster for ‘Little Shop of Horrors’